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Diaphragm walls and cap piles involve putting up reinforced concrete panels (or walls) molded underground by filling trenches formed by the continuous use of bentonite or polymer slurry, which absorb axial loads, horizontal thrust and bending moments.

Cap piles are prepared with large-scale equipment such as drills or cranes coupled to a mechanical or hydraulic clamshell. They may be placed below water level up to the project's depth.

Diaphragm walls are employed for: protection in excavations for underground constructions, building metro tunnels and underground passages, projecting underground reservoirs and shafts, a base to serve as deep foundations, retaining structure for landslide prevention, isolation against contaminated ground, protection for foundations of pillars and bridges, seaport structures and building underground garages.

They are prepared in sections measuring from 30 x 250 cm to 120 x 250 cm.

The TOPGEOSP Fundações Especiais diaphragm wall and cap piles’ chief performance stages are:

  1. Drilling.
  2. Placing the framework.
  3. Concreting.



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