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Jet Grouting

Jet grouting is a ground treatment service consisting in on-the-spot changing of the earth’s mechanical properties, giving it greater resistance, less compressibility and a relative waterproofing, by applying a high-pressure jet of liquid cement into the ground at intense speed, fragmenting the ground’s structure and mixing with the latter, thus forming a firm cemented earth column.

Jet grouting’s key purpose is to enable construction or to correct undesirable underground properties likely to damage the structures built on it.

Jet grouting is recommended for: digging tunnels under difficult underground conditions, waterproof diaphragms, shaft side retentions and major excavations, protection of foundations in buildings close to excavations, sub-pressure slabs, stabilizing slopes, lateral retaining of excavations and countering water sub-pressure.

The TOPGEOSP Fundações Especiais jet grouting’s chief performance stages are:

  1. Drilling down to the project’s depth.
  2. Placing monitor valve (steel sphere)
  3. Sealing of water outlet.
  4. Liquid cement jet.
  5. Raising drilling shafts.



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