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Root piles are piles molded on the spot to serve as deep foundations and highly tensioned stress along the shaft, composed of sand and cement mortar and thoroughly reinforced throughout its length.

Root piles are employed in highly compact or consistent ground or in which bedrock or rocky formations are found, in which excavating may only take place with the use of rotating hydraulic drills, with placing of metallic linings in threaded watertight segments. They may be placed in an inclined position. Root pile equipment performs work in diameters ranging from 100 mm to 500 mm.

Root piles or micro-piles are recommended for the following civil works: reinforcement of foundations, consolidation of slopes, foundations for industrial machinery, situations in which work may cause vibrations, when it is required to bore through boulders or concrete blocks, when required to embed piles on rocky surfaces, bridge foundations, protection for excavating metro tunnels in inhabited areas, in locations with ceiling height restrictions and with access limitations for heavier equipment.

The TOPGEOSP Fundações Especiais root pile services involve three sequential stages:

  1. Ground or rock drilling.
  2. Placing the framework.
  3. Injecting mortar.
  4. Removal of lining.



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