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Stapled ground is a technical service for reinforcing earth, employing semi-rigid inclusions known as staples that may be steel bars, cylindrical or rectangular cross-section synthetic bars, micro-piles or piles, in special cases. Staples are installed sub-horizontally, thus introducing efforts that resist traction and shearing.

Stapled ground is recommended for stabilizing slopes in excavations and for shoring excavations by means of soil reinforcement.

The key advantages in using stapled ground are:cost effectiveness with regard to traditional securing procedures, reduced duration of work, flexible equipment with less working space, less disturbances in the vicinity owing to less noise and impact vibration, once-only removal of earth during the works and absence of slopes that obstruct movements, good drainage performance, more garage space, less loss of underground areas and no need for removal of mounds of earth.

The TOPGEOSP Fundações Especiais stapled ground’s chief performance stages are:

  1. Excavating or drilling.
  2. Installing anchors.
  3. Concrete jets.



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