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Tether anchorages are employed to support and anchor walls in deep excavations, to secure embankments and anchor slabs, countering water sub-pressure. Tether anchorages are grouped into three classes: with bars, lines and cables, and may be provisional or definite.

They are recommended for securing slopes on earth and rocks, for supporting deep excavation diaphragm walls, anchoring sub-pressure slabs and securing special structures on earth and rocks.

Anchoring takes place by injecting cement, forming a bulb firmly secured to the ground. This anchorage may be on earth or on rocky ground.

Tether anchorages are also employed for securing cable-stayed walls.

The TOPGEOSP Fundações Especiais tethered anchorages’ chief performance stages are:

  1. Drilling.
  2. Filling boreholes with cement grout.
  3. Injecting cement laitance into the anchored stretch.
  4. Placing pre-stress anchors.
  5. Pre-stressing cables or bars with hydraulic jacks.



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