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TopGeo Fundações Especiais

TOPGEOSP FUNDAÇÕES ESPECIAIS is a Brazilian company specialized in special foundation services and geotechnical engineering. It is present in dozens of construction sites throughout the country, with important customers such as contractors and construction companies.

It has a technical team highly qualified, experienced and committed in special foundations and geotechnical engineering, many of whom with over 25 years in dealing with special foundation construction projects.

The company’s state-of-the-art technology and equipment in conjunction with its specialized technical team are essential factors that qualify TOPGEOSP Fundações Especiais for special foundations and geotechnical engineering, ensuring its customers optimal results, speed, sustainability and quality in service provision, in addition to the best cost / benefit ratio.

TOPGEOSP FUNDAÇÕES ESPECIAIS provides special foundation services (root piles, bored piles, continuous flight augers, cap piles and diaphragm walls), stabilizing slopes and securing embankments (tether anchorages, cable-stayed walls), ground treatment (jet grouting, geo-drainage, stapled ground, shotcrete) among other marine and river works.

TOPGEOSP FUNDAÇÕES ESPECIAIS is committed to an ongoing renewal of its equipment, constantly seeking out the latest market developments and ensuring flexibility and efficiency in geotechnical engineering and special foundations.

Its philosophy is constant development and growth based on solid and lasting alliances with customers, partners, stakeholders and suppliers.

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TopGeoSP Fundações Especiais

Rua 21 de abril, nº 35
Km 30,5 Rod. Raposo Tavares
Cep: 06705-045 - Cotia - São Paulo - Brazil
Phone: +55 (11) 4243 4095

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